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Wiring Instructions For Property Tax Payments

Bank:Wells Fargo Bank
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
ABA Routing Number:121000248
Account Number:2020000444262
Credit the Account of:Palm Beach County Tax Collector
Originator to Beneficiary Information (OBI):Include property control number (separate multiple PCNs with a comma) , tax year, owner name and phone number.
International Wire Transfer Swift Code:WFBIUS6S

Additional fees may be charged by intermediary banks if sending an international wire transfer. Be sure to have the sending bank change the fee code from “SHA” (shared) to “OURS” when the international wire transfer is initiated so that all fees associated with the wire (i.e. bank fees and intermediary charges) are identified and paid up front.

Payments for Tax Deed Redemptions must be received prior to the start of the Tax Deed Auction. Allow ample time to send the wire and be received by the Tax Collector. Late receipt may cause property to be issued a tax deed transferring ownership.

The Tax Collector will make an attempt to notify you regarding short payments. If we are not able to receive the balance owed, the payment will be returned for the current amount due which may include additional interest and penalties.

For additional information, please call (561) 355-2264 or email