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Tourist Development Ordinance of Palm Beach County

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Who is responsible for filing and remitting TDT?

The property owner bears the responsibility for filing and remitting TDT including all taxes, fees, penalties and interest to this agency. The property owner bears this responsibility even if they have permitted others to file and pay on their behalf (such as agency, property management companies or online platforms).

Does your agency allow the waiving of late fees and interest?

No. The Constitutional Tax Collector, serving Palm Beach County is consistent in the application of late fees, penalties and interest. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to understand the filing deadlines. Although extenuating circumstances may exist, such as a hurricane or system outage, these exceptions will be communicated as they arise. It is important to remember this agency is responsible for collecting and distributing all taxes and fees for the good of the community.

Do online platforms remit tourist development tax to the tax collector?

No. Hosting Platforms do not remit your TDT taxes to Palm Beach County Tax Collector. Registered Account owners hosting short term rentals are responsible for the collection and remittance of all tourist development taxes.

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