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Tax Talk

February 2020, Volume 14, Issue 2

Dear Friends,

February is just around the corner and adds an extra day to the calendar during this leap year. Even with the extra day, this is a short month and several important deadlines are approaching quickly.

This month I share my best tips to help you check off important items from your to-do list in 2020. One of these items comes along once every 10 years – the 2020 Census. Every household will soon receive an invitation to respond to the census. Keep reading to learn why this census is important,
and what your participation means to our democracy.

Don’t forget our offices will be closed Monday, Feb. 17, for Presidents’ Day.

Warm Regards,

Anne M. Gannon

Ask Anne: Why is the Census Important to
Me and Palm Beach County?

Responding to the census is your civic duty. Data from the census is used to determine how much federal funding Palm Beach County receives. The economic impact of Census 2020 is significant for Palm Beach County: it equates to $2.4 billion a year or $1,600 for every person. These are your federal tax dollars that are used to help ensure public services are funded in our community.

I think most importantly, your participation affects our representation in government. The data collected determines how many seats Florida is allocated in the House of Representatives.

As you can imagine, the job of counting every person living in Palm Beach County is no small task. If you are interested in earning extra income while helping our community, I encourage you to consider applying for a census job. The average pay rate for a census taker in Palm Beach County is
$16.00-$17.50. Census takers also receive reimbursement for work-related mileage and expenses. To learn more, please visit

Ultimately, the success of the 2020 Census depends on everyone’s participation. 

Let Us Help You Get More Done in 2020

Here are my best tips to help you plan ahead and stay organized. You’ll get more done and feel great as you check items off your 2020 to-do list!

  • Pick up a complimentary copy of our 2020 Tax Planner & Services Guide. Use the planning calendar inside and you’ll never miss an important date or deadline. Copies are available at any of our service centers. You may also download a copy from our website or request a copy by emailing us at
  • Schedule an appointment to get your REAL ID driver license or state ID card today! Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, you must have a REAL ID driver license or state ID card to board a domestic flight or enter a federal building. Avoid the last-minute rush by scheduling your appointment today.
    For more information about required documentation, please visit
  • Participate in the 2020 Census. Every household will begin receiving an invitation to respond to the census beginning in mid-March. Participation is easy, important and safe.
  • Sign up for our 2020 Property Tax Installment Payment Plan. This budget-friendly plan divides your property taxes into four smaller quarterly payments. The deadline to submit your application for the 2020 property tax year is April 30. Apply at
  • Perform a free driver license check before your driver license appointment. This simple check will show any stops, holds or violations on your license. Have your driver license number ready and visit We can process most clearances if you bring the right documentation. 
  • Renew your vehicle registration up to 90 days in advance. Registrations expire at midnight on the first registered owner’s birthday. Renew online at Check for holds on your registration first at
  • Check wait times before visiting one of our service centers. You may decide to visit an office that is less busy. Remember that wait times are updated in real time which means they can change between the time you check them and the time you actually arrive at our office.
  • Stay informed by following us on social media. Get the latest announcements and updates from our agency on Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to connecting with you!

Important Dates & Deadlines  

Feb. 17 Presidents' Day – Tax collector offices closed
Mar. 2 – Last day to receive 1% discount on 2019 property taxes  
Apr. 1 – Census Day
Oct. 1, 2020 REAL ID deadline 

Born in April? Your registration expires at midnight on your birthday. Avoid the last-minute rush. Renew your registration today.

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