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Dear Friends:

You all know that I am a cat lover and have two kitties, Biden and Bader.  Recently, Bader, my youngest kitty was lost.  Those of you who are pet owners, know the feeling of missing your beloved pet.  For days, I had no idea where Bader was and I was growing more concerned as each day passed. Then, I received a call from the animal shelter advising me that they had Bader who was brought in by a person in my neighborhood.  Relieved and anxious, I learned first-hand just how important it is to have your pet microchipped.  Bader, without knowing, carried valuable owner information with her.  The animal shelter was able to scan her chip, identify her, and contact me to let me know that she was safe and sound.  So, if you have pets, please make sure you not only maintain their vaccinations, but have them microchipped.  You will be so grateful you did!

For information about Palm Beach County’s microchipping program, please visit


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Anne M. Gannon
Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach County

April 2023, Vol. 17, Issue  4

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Two cats laying in cat bed.


A wise person once said, “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” My staff and I are always eager to help answer any questions you may have and remain dedicated to serving the community. We pride ourselves on being available and providing exceptional service to the residents of Palm Beach County. We always look forward to opportunities to engage with the community on the various services our office provides.

In February, we had the privilege of attending the Palm Beach Condo and Homeowners Association (HOA) Expo in West Palm Beach. The event was open to the public and attended by the various homeowner associations around the county. Our Community Engagement Ambassadors were on hand to interact and exchange information with property managers, board members from various homeowner associations, and new and existing residents of Palm Beach County. We provided timely information about the services we offer, ranging from property tax to tourist development tax and motor vehicle services, to name a few. My community engagement team and I value the opportunity to participate in these community events and look forward to seeing more of you at future events.


Two TCO employees at an event


on February 28, I was honored to host our two Charity Partners and present them with checks as a result of our employees’ fundraising efforts throughout this past year.  Every two years, two local charities are chosen by our employees for our Community Involvement Partner Program.

 Our partners for 2022 were Making Every Day Count, represented by Martha Ahr, Founder and Living Hungry, represented by Maura Plante, Founder. Due to the immense compassion of the entire tax collector staff, $17,594 was raised in support of these two organizations. I am extremely proud of the generosity demonstrated year after year, by our employees as every dollar raised and items donated come directly from them, no public tax dollars are used. Funds are raised through our office’s Dress Down for Charity program along with other fundraising activities throughout the year. For more information visit


Photo of Marsha Grim, Retired, Tax Collector's Office employee, Maura Plante, Founder, Living Hungry, and Anne m. Gannon, Constitutional, Tax Collector
Photo of Chris Ryan, Making Everyday Count Board Member, Mary Castronuovo, Making Everyday Count Board Member, Anne M. Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector, Martha Ahr, Founder of Making Everyday Count, Denise Nagle, Making Everyday Count Board Member, Jennifer Barry, Manager, Tax Collector's Office, and David Ahr, Making Everyday Count Board Member


We are approaching that time of year when kids are counting down the days until summer break, meanwhile parents are scrambling for ideas on how to keep them busy. Two words – summer camp! Palm Beach County Youth Services offers over 100 summer camps across the county, so no matter where you live there is a camp not far away! They also offer a scholarship program to help cover costs for those who qualify, for more information, visit

Does your child like sports? There is a camp for that! Does your child like learning? There is a camp for that! They offer a wide range of activities to support a diverse group of children. Summer camps are typically categorized as, education enrichment, sports, regular, special needs, and specialty.

You can rest assured that whatever your child’s interests, there is a camp for them. For more information on the summer camps that Palm Beach County has to offer, visit


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