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How do I know if I qualify for tax exemptions or portability?
For all exemptions (homestead, widow, veterans, historic, disability, economic, energy, etc.) and portability questions contact the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's Office at 561-355-2866.

How do I apply for Homestead Exemptions?
Contact the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office for all exemptions (homestead, widow, veterans, senior, historic, disability, economic, or energy, etc.). Click here for more information.


Questions About Your Tax Bill

Why are you charging a penalty on my tangible personal property tax bill?
Florida Statutes require those who own or control taxable tangible personal property to file a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return with the Property Appraiser. Penalties are imposed for filing after April 1 of the tax year and/or for failure to file. The Tax Collector's Office does not accept partial payments. For more information on the reporting and assessment of tangible personal property, please contact the Property Appraiser's Office at 561-355-2896.

My spouse (mother, father, etc.) is deceased. How can I get their name off the tax bill?
Mail or take a copy of the death certificate and a copy of the tax bill to the Property Appraiser's Office.

I received a property tax bill. My taxes are included in my mortgage payments (escrow agent/loan servicer). Do I pay this bill?
If the original tax bill was sent to the mortgage company, you will receive an Informational Notice. The top portion of the notice is watermarked INFORMATIONAL NOTICE.  If it does not contain this watermark, the mortgage company/escrow agent/loan servicer did not request your tax bill. Please verify this information with your mortgage company/escrow agent/loan servicer. If they state they are paying your taxes, write your mortgage loan number on the bill and mail a copy to them. If they are not paying your taxes, tear off the bottom stub of the bill and return it to our office with your payment.

My mortgage is paid off. How can I get the tax bill sent to me? 
Each year mortgage companies/escrow agents/loan service companies send a list of names and property control numbers of properties they will pay through escrow accounts. When you pay off your mortgage, it is the mortgage company/escrow agent/loan servicer's responsibility to remove your name and property control number from this list. The tax bill will then be sent to the property owner without the watermark INFORMATIONAL NOTICE. Property taxes can be paid using an Informational Notice.

When will my tax bill be mailed to me?
Annual tax bills are mailed out the last business day in October, or as soon as the tax roll is certified to the Tax Collector’s Office.

How do I change my mailing address on the tax bill?
The Property Appraiser’s Office prepares the Ad Valorem tax roll. Please direct all questions regarding owner name, address, and legal description, corrections, assessed value, exemptions, and taxable value to the Property Appraiser’s Office. Address changes must be made in writing. You may contact the Property Appraiser at 561-355-3230.

How much will my property taxes be next year?
The Property Appraiser’s Office prepares the Ad Valorem Tax Roll. Our office receives this information when the tax roll is certified to us by the Property Appraiser. This normally occurs annually in late October.  Please note that the Property Appraiser sends out a "Notice of Proposed Taxes" annually in August that provides an estimation of property taxes.

I have received my tax bill. Can you tell me what months I am billed for and when taxes are due?
Ad-Valorem taxes are billed by calendar year, January through December. Check with the Non-Ad Valorem levying authorities listed on your bill to determine their billing cycle. Taxes are payable November through March. Taxes become delinquent April 1 of each year at which time payment is required in certified funds (no personal checks).

I filed a petition with the Value Adjustment Board and received a letter stating it was approved. I have now received a tax bill, but the value on the statement reflects the original value not the corrected value. Why is my bill still showing the incorrect information?
The Tax Collector’s Office does not receive the re-certification of the tax roll until all the parcels involved in the Value Adjustment Board hearings are completed. At which time the Tax Collector’s Office will mail tax bills to all taxpayers in which the Value Adjustment board has granted a change. The November discounted amount will then be extended on the corrected tax notice for 30 days from the day the notices are mailed from the Tax Collector’s Office; as long as the re-certification is processed within the current status of the tax year (The current status is from November - March of each year). To insure that you do not miss out on the tax discounts you have the option of paying your taxes as soon as the tax roll is certified to the Tax Collector, which normally happens in November of each year. If you receive a reduction in taxable value the Tax Collector’s Office will refund the difference to you, once the re-certification is completed.


When will my property tax bill be mailed to me? Where should I mail my payment to?
Tax bills are mailed the last business day in October of each year, or as soon as the tax roll is certified to the Tax Collector's Office. Mail your property tax payment to: Tax Collector, Palm Beach County, P.O. Box 3353, West Palm Beach, FL, 33402-3353. For any other questions regarding your tax bill, you can call the Tax Collector's Office at 561-355-2264.

If I mail my taxes in on the last day of the month will I still receive the proper discount indicated on the tax bill?
Discounts are determined by the postmarked date for non-delinquent tax payments. If the last day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, your payment will be accepted as long as it is delivered to our office the first business day after the weekend or holiday (Florida State Statute 197.162 (4). This only applies if you are paying in the current taxes (not delinquent). Property taxes become delinquent  April 1. Postmark date does not apply to delinquent taxes. During delinquent status, the payment must be in the Tax Collector’s Office (not mailed to the office) on the last business day of the month by 5:00 p.m. And the payment must be made in certified funds i.e. cash, money order, cashier's check or wire payment (no personal checks). 

How can I get an application for the Installment Payment Plan?
The applications are included with the original tax bill mailing and available at any Tax Collector’s Offices or online from November through April of each year. The deadline for filing is April 30. Your taxes must be at least $100 to participate in the plan. Find out more about the Installment Payment Plan >>

What are the discounts for early property tax payments?

  • If you pay your taxes in November you receive a 4% discount off the March amount.
  • If you pay in December you receive a 3% discount off the March amount.
  • If you pay in January you receive a 2% discount off the March amount.
  • February you receive a 1% discount off the March amount.
  • There are NO discounts In March.
  • Taxes are delinquent April 1 and require certified funds (no personal checks).

Can I pay my taxes by credit card or e-check?
Current Property Taxes may be paid online by entering your credit card or checking account information. You must have your property control number and follow the on screen prompts. Other forms of payment accepted are: cash, check, or wire funds in the current status of the tax year (November through March). After April 1, you can only make payment by CASH, MONEY ORDER, CERTIFIED CHECK, BANK DRAFT, US POSTAL MONEY ORDER, CASHIER'S CHECK or wire the funds to our financial institution.

What are the wire instructions?
Wire transfers are accepted for payment of current and delinquent taxes. To complete a wire transfer, please contact us via email at

I received a reminder notice and I paid already. Why did I receive this payment reminder?
It is possible that your check was for a different type of tax, such as tangible personal property taxes, local business taxes, or motor vehicle registration renewal. The back of your canceled check will include validation numbers if cashed from our office. Please mail us a copy of the front and back of the canceled check, so we can research where the payment was applied. The payment may also have been lost in the mail. You can check payment history on our website at If payment has not been received by our office for any reason, the amount due on the reminder notice will apply.


I would like to get a copy of a previous tax year bills or paid receipts. I also need to know who paid the taxes.
If you are requesting a copy of a tax bill(s) or paid receipt(s) and you are not the property owner, this is a public records request and service fees will apply . If you request information as to who paid the taxes and you are not the owner this is a public records request and service fees will apply. 

How do I get information on a piece of property when I only have the address?
Information can be researched on our website or the Property Appraiser's website by the owner’s name, property address, or property control number.

Why did I receive a property tax bill for a property I sold?
The new property ownership information was not certified to our office when we received the tax roll from the Property Appraiser.  The tax bill will display the name of the property owner at the time the tax roll is certified to our office.  This process happens once a year mid-October.  There are instructions stated on the back of the property tax bill to forward the bill to the new owner or return it to our office marked "SOLD".

Your website still lists the previous owner.  How do I get ths corrected?
Contact the Property Appraiser's office at 561-355-3230.  They will provide our office with a memo so we can legally update the property ownership record.

I recently purchased a property and the previous owner was on the installment payment plan. My property taxes are escrowed, please remove my property from the installment payment plan. 
The only way a property owner can be removed from the installment payment plan is to NOT PAY the first installment due in June. If the June installment payment is made, there is no way to remove you from the installment payment plan until the following tax year. Contact your mortgage company so they can inform you as to how they will proceed with the tax payments.

I just purchased a new property where the previous owner was on the Installment Payment Plan.  I don't want to participate, how do I cancel the plan?
If the first installment was paid in June, the property must remain on the plan for that tax year.  To cancel enrollment for the next tax year, DO NOT pay the first installment due in June. Nonpayment of the June installment will automatically remove you from the plan.

I am a new owner and I never received a tax bill, why not?
The original tax bill was probably mailed to the former owner. If you were not the owner of the property prior to the certification on the tax roll, the Property Appraiser’s Office may not have received notification of the change of ownership on the deed in time for it to reflect on the tax bill. We would be glad to mail you a duplicate copy of the tax bill or you can print one from our website.

What is the Public Service Tax and who collects it?
All sales of propane gas, natural gas or electricity within the unincorporated area of Palm Beach County is subject to a 10% public service tax. The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners adopted and approved the Palm Beach County Public Service Tax Ordinance on July 18, 1989, and established procedures for collecting the tax. The Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County collects this tax.  Visit or call 561-355-2996 for more information.


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