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Neighborhood Tax Watch

Help Stop Fraud
Our agency has zero tolerance for fraud or for people who commit fraud.  Fraud is costly. Ultimately we pay the bill for those who don’t pay their fair share.  

Property Tax Homestead Exemption

  • Only one exemption per individual or family.
  • A person is entitled to homestead status when they declare the property to be their permanent residence.
  • They do not have to reside on the property year round, but they cannot receive a residency-based benefit on another property anywhere else.

Report homestead fraud  You will be redirected to the Property Appraiser’s website.

Tourist Development Tax

  • Tourist Development Tax is owed by anyone who rents or leases accommodations for a period of six months or less in Palm Beach County.
  • If you know or suspect a person or business is evading paying Tourist Development Tax, please report it to our office. You can report and remain anonymous. We ask you to provide as much detail as possible.

To report fraud click here.


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