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Electronic Titles

An electronic title (E-Title) is a title record that is being held in Electronic status. Typically, when vehicles are purchased using a loan, the title is held in electronic form and called an “Electronic Lien Title” (ELT). The only difference between an E-Title and an ELT is that there is a lien on the ELT. In both cases, a paper title has NOT been printed. When a vehicle owner no longer has a lien on a vehicle, he/she can maintain the title in electronic status as an E-title, or request a paper copy of the title.
A vehicle owner will need a paper copy of the ELT or E-Title, if the vehicle is transferring ownership to an individual. Vehicles traded to a Florida dealer are not required to convert the E-title to paper.

View the Schedule of Motor Vehicle and Mobile Home Title and Lien Fees. A paper copy can be obtained showing proper identification*:


Visit Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

By Mail

Regular Mail:
Tax Collector, Palm Beach County
P. O. Box 3353
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3353

Overnight/Express Mail:
Tax Collector, Palm Beach County
301 North Olive Avenue, 3rd Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

In Person


  • To mail electronic title = $2.50
  • Expedited vehicle title = $10.00
  • Expedited vessel title = $5.00

* If the vehicle owner is present, he/she must show proper identification. If a representative of the owner is present, he/she must show proper identification, and have an original power of attorney.

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