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Don't Text and Drive

  Get the facts.

  • Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.

  • Sending or receiving a text message takes a driver's eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent of driving the entire length of a football field at 55 mph...BLIND.

  • Nationally, drivers who type or read text messages contribute to at least 100,000 crashes each year.

  • Headset cell phone use is not substantially safer than hand-held use.

Source: (VTTI)


Florida Legislative Update

Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving
Several bills have been filed to limit texting while driving. If passed, the legislation makes texting while driving a secondary offense, requiring a motorist to commit another violation in order to be pulled over. Offenders are subject to fines and points on their license. The bill allows texting in hands-off, high-tech cars or when a car is stopped at a red light or in a traffic jam.


Gov. Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 52 into law. Beginning October 1, 2013, drivers can be ticketed for texting while driving. The new law makes texting while driving a secondary offense. Police officers will only be allowed to use drivers' mobile phone records in a court case  when texting causes a crash resulting in death or personal injury.

The law includes typing or reading a text while driving. It also covers tablet computers and mobile phones, but excludes talk-to-text features. Texting while at a red light is permitted.

Congratulations to Sen. Nancy Detert and Rep. Doug Holder for getting action this year on this important public safety issue. 


What You Can Do

Support Tax Collector Gannon and our entire agency and take the pledge today to stay cell free while on the road. Don't put yourself or someone else's life in danger. NO TEXT IS WORTH A LIFE.


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