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Do you Qualify?

Minimum Qualifications for Client Service Specialists (CSS)

Note: You will be required to provide a transcript before testing or interviewing.
60 hours of college credit is a requirement for employment.
Client Service Specialists require cash handling experience.
The Tax Collector’s office does not hire individuals who use tobacco products.
Only individuals 21 years of age or older may administer driving tests.
All positions at the agency are full time and may require occasional overtime.
Note: Client Service Specialists are required to administer road tests to driver license candidates.
You must have a valid Florida Driver License to work as a Client Service Specialist (CSS).
Thank you for checking if you qualify. Click on Join Us to see the available positions

At this time you do not meet the minimum qualifications to apply for the Client Service Specialist (CSS) position. Please apply again when you meet our requirements. Thank you.

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