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Tax Collector’s Office Upgrades Payment Terminals, Now Accepts Contactless Payment Methods

West Palm Beach, Fla. – Constitutional Tax Collector Anne M. Gannon today announced the agency is now accepting contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay at tax collector offices in Palm Beach County. Contactless credit cards are also accepted.

“Since 2006 one of my top priorities has been to modernize our office, moving us from an antiquated agency to an efficient, customer-focused retail operation,” said Gannon. “Clients want the convenience and security of making payments using their mobile device or contactless credit card. Today I am excited to offer them this payment method.”

Contactless payments are made possible by near field technology (NFC). This technology allows two devices – such as a smartphone and a payment terminal – to talk to each other when they are in close proximity. Contactless credit cards – cards that do not need to be inserted or swiped at the payment terminal – are also accepted.

“The idea of paying through a mobile device can make some people uneasy,” said Gannon. “But NFC payments are extremely secure—much more secure than the old magnetic-stripe credit cards we all used to carry in our wallets.”

Magnetic-stripe credit cards contained static data on the back of the credit card. The data used in an NFC transaction is encrypted and dynamic, meaning it’s constantly changing. This encryption and constant change makes an NFC transaction one of the most secure forms of payment available today.

Another added benefit to the agency’s recent software upgrade is a reduction in convenience fees charged by the credit card vendor.

“I am also pleased to report the vendor is reducing their convenience fee from 2.5% to 2.4% effective today,” said Gannon. “This fee is collected by the vendor and not retained by our office.”

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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Jennifer DuBois
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