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Property Tax Deadline Hours Away


Anne M. Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector, alerts property owners who still owe 2014 property taxes that the deadline to pay is tomorrow, Tuesday March 31. Unpaid taxes become delinquent on Wednesday April 1. As of March 20, 50,973 or 7.4 percent of properties are delinquent, representing $198,265,683 in uncollected revenue. This represents  an 11 percent decrease over last year. Delinquent taxes are charged 3 percent interest monthly plus advertising costs.

Payments can be made online. It’s convenient, easy and there’s no wait time. If mailing your payment, please note that the envelope must be postmarked by March 31st. Payments with errors will be returned and can result in delinquency. Property owners are advised to make sure the Property Control Number(s) and amount paid are correct and the check signed. If paying by bank bill pay service, make sure the date your bank transfers the funds is before the delinquency date.

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Release Date: 
Monday, March 30, 2015
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Contact: Anne Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector
  (561) 355-4271


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