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To The Editor:

The Palm Beach Post story, "Tax collector: No concealed weapons permits here" article that ran on Tuesday omitted important information.

First, the proposed legislation will not allow our staff to issue gun permits. It will only allow tax collector offices to receive and forward the applications to Tallahassee for issuance.

Secondly, I neither stated nor implied that this office objected to adding a new business line and the revenue it would generate.

The most important reason we are not contemplating receiving applications in 2014, should the bill pass, is the already scheduled driver license issuing training for our Lake Worth staff. That 35 year old office does not issue driver licenses because the existing facility cannot accommodate the additional staff, required workstations or the expansion of customer parking needed.

We recently purchased 1.3 acres to begin planning and construction of a 35,000 sq. feet facility. We plan to combine our Lantana and Lake Worth offices and the last Florida Department of Motor Vehicles office, now on Military Trail between Belvedere Road and Southern Boulevard, into a single operation in the new facility. According to Florida statutes, the last DMV office is required to close by 2015.

Finally, the Florida Tax Collectors Association not only supports the proposed legislation and we are working with a coalition to pass it. Once the staff has been trained, the new building completed and the bill becomes law, we will reassess the issue of processing concealed weapons.


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Friday, January 3, 2014
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