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Gannon Helps Offset Federal Taxes - Taxes on Domestic Partners’ Health Insurance Unfair

West Palm Beach, FL - - -  Anne M. Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector, has implemented a policy to offset additional taxes paid by employees with a registered domestic partner on the agency’s medical plan. The Domestic Partnership Tax Equity Program compensates for the federal tax charged to employees who cover their domestic partners as part of their health insurance benefit. 

"Our employees in domestic partnerships are taxed on their partner’s medical coverage.  Our married employees are not taxed on their partner’s health insurance," Gannon said. "This is unfair.”
Federal law requires employees with domestic partners to pay taxes on the full coverage amount of health insurance, including the employer contribution.  That means Gannon’s employees with domestic partnership coverage pay hundreds of dollars a year in additional federal taxes. She will reduce the impact of these unfair federal taxes through an annual stipend of $500.

Gannon's agency is among a handful of public offices nationwide to offer this benefit. Gannon began offering domestic partner coverage on medical, dental, and vision plans in 2006.

Release Date: 
Monday, January 28, 2013
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Contact: Anne Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector
  (561) 355-4271


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