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Response to "Driver license renewal is a hassle"

Response to Letter to the Editor

Mr. Petty’s humorous comparison to “a top-secret clearance” to get a REAL ID driver license prompts my response. (“Driver license renewal is a hassle”)  Congress passed the REAL ID Act which changed standards and increased requirements for state issued driver licenses and ID cards.  REAL ID requires everyone prove birth, social security and residence – in person.  Documents are specified by the Department of Homeland Security.  

The law is a response to the 911 terrorist attacks.  The goals are to help secure airports, mitigate identity fraud and prevent future terrorist attacks.  Deadlines for REAL ID compliance depend on your birthdate.  After these deadlines a REAL ID will be required to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building.

We’re here to help.  Visit We have tools to make it easier. Get the list of REAL ID documents, where to get replacements and compliance deadlines. Make an appointment online or review wait times for all service locations.  We’ll send driver license wait times to your mobile phone.  We check REAL ID documents at Reception to save clients time. 

Our offices are busy.  Since January 1, we processed 188,000 driver license transactions.  Wait time is approximately 30 minutes with an average service transaction time of 11 minutes.    

Hopefully Mr. Petty’s sense of humor will lighten the inconvenience required by Homeland Security’s efforts to keep our country and families safe. 


Anne M. Gannon

Constitutional Tax Collector

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Friday, July 26, 2013
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Contact: Anne Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector
  (561) 355-4271


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