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Ten Tax Tips

Over 693,000 tax bills will be mailed to property owners on November 1.  Payments can be made November 1 – March 31.  All payments after March 31st are delinquent. 

Payment errors delay processing and can cost you time, aggravation and money. The loss of discounts, late fees and penalties are just three ways you can end up paying out more money than necessary. 

Tax Collector Gannon shares her Top 10 Don'ts when paying property taxes: 

10.  Don’t get lost. If your mailing address has changed, notify the Property Appraiser’s Office. 

9.  Don’t be denied. If you filed a petition with the Value Adjustment Board to contest your property’s assessment, the law requires you pay at least 75% of the Ad-Valorem and 100% of the Non-Ad Valorem by March 31.  If your payment is not received, your petition will be automatically denied.

8.  Don’t duplicate.  If you pay on line and click the “Submit” button more than once – you’ll pay twice as much!

7.  Don’t be late.  If you use your bank’s Online Bill Pay make sure your bank sends the payment in time to meet the deadline.  Bank processing times vary.

6.  Don’t be returned. Make sure there are sufficient funds in your account for your payment to clear.

5.  Don’t waste time. Our offices are busy, especially during tax season.  Monday’s and Friday’s and the first and last day of the month are usually our busiest times.  Save time by using ePay, a drop box in our lobbies, or check out wait times at

4.  Don’t rush the details. Mistakes can be costly.  Be sure to double check your information.  Mistakes in account number, routing number or payment amount will result in a returned payment.

3.  Don’t be unprepared. Acceptable forms of payment: cash, check (non-delinquent taxes), credit or debit cards.  

2.  Don’t be rejected. Whatever you do, don’t tape, fold, staple, paper clip or write on your payment stub.  Any of which will cause your payment to be rejected by our high speed mail processor.  Rejected payments require hand processing.

1. Don’t procrastinate. Waiting until the last minute can cost you savings in loss of discount.  Factor in time to allow for corrections, delivery, bank fund clearance or transfer.


Do pay early and save money. The maximum discount is 4 percent for November payments. After that the discount is 3 percent in December, 2 percent in January, 1 percent in February. March payments do not receive a discount.

Do visit frequently asked questions, property tax payment options, service center wait timesdownload a copy of your tax bill or ePay

Do send an email to for online help. 

Do provide feedback by answering a quick online customer survey.



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