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Gannon Launches Local Business Tax Receipt Season

West Palm Beach, FL – Anne Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector, announces that Local Business Tax Receipt (BTR) season begins July 1 and continues through September 30.

Gannon’s office will mail 107,407 BTR notices on Friday June 29. The number represents an increase over the 2011 ( 105,057) and 2010 (104,000) BTR notices. “The number of new businesses and renewals continues to increase each year,” says Gannon. “We hope this indicates a strengthening economic recovery.”

Additional BTR information:

  • New business owners are required to come to an office with a completed application and appropriate documents including a copy of Fictitious Name Registration, zoning approval, and state or county certifications/licenses.
  • A change in business location or ownership requires a new application.
  • Renewals can be paid online at , at an office or by mail.
  • Credit cards, e-checks, and bank online bill pay are accepted for website transactions only.
  • Additional BTR information is available online at

BTR fees are based on the type of business. The most common fee is $33 charged to businesses with 10 or less employees. The fees increase in steps in direct proportion to the number of employees to a maximum of $236.25 for 51 or more employees. Contractors and restaurants have different guidelines for BTR fees.

“Compliance with BTR rules simply mean a business is following the law”, says Gannon. “Consumers should not conclude that the BTR is an indication of merchandise or service quality.”

Florida Law, Chapter 205 and Palm Beach County Ordinance, Chapter 17.17 require every business selling merchandise or services, including one-person and home-based companies, obtain a BTR from the Tax Collector. The BTR requirement is in addition to any other business licenses required by Florida law or local ordinances. BTRs must be displayed in public view.

Release Date: 
Thursday, June 28, 2012
Contact Information: 
Contact: Anne Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector
  (561) 355-4271


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