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Installment Payment Plan

Taxpayers may pay property taxes (Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property) in installments. To participate in our Installment Payment Plan (IPP), the taxpayer must complete an Installment Payment Application and have estimated taxes due of more than $100. The application applies to the next year's taxes.


The 2020 Installment Payment Plan application deadline has passed. Applications for the 2021 property tax season will be available in November.


A taxpayer who uses the installment method pays an estimated tax equal to the actual taxes for the preceding year. The payment schedule is:

  • 1st Installment - Due by June 30: 1/4 the total estimated taxes discounted 6%.
  • 2nd Installment - Due by September 30: 1/4 the total estimated taxes discounted 4.5%.
  • 3rd Installment - Due by December 31: 1/4 the total estimated taxes plus 1/2 of any adjustment for actual tax liability discounted 3%.
  • 4th Installment - Due by March 31: 1/4 the total estimated taxes plus the balance of any adjustment for actual tax liability.

*Note: Florida statute extends a payment discount deadline falling on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday to the next working day, if the payment is received in the designated office of the tax collector.

The taxpayer will receive quarterly notices by mail from the Tax Collector’s Office. Please include the payment stub and the 17 digit Property Control Number on your payment. View payment options. 

Important Note: The first payment must be made on or before June 30 to remain on the plan.

Missed and Delinquent IPP Payments

Missed installment payments (September and December) must be paid in full with the next installment and the discount is lost. Any amount remaining unpaid on April 1 becomes delinquent.

Canceling IPP Enrollment

To cancel participation in the Installment Payment Plan do not make the first installment payment in June. This is the only way to cancel participation. Once this is done you will not receive any additional installment payment bills.

The property taxes will be due in one lump sum beginning November 1 and payable through March 31. Discounts are provided for early payments as follows:

•4% in November
•3% in December
•2% in January
•1% in February

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