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Important Tax Dates to Remember

Check out our Tax Planner & Services Guide for a complete calendar that's full of useful information.


  • 2% discount on property taxes. Deadline for filing an application for homestead tax deferral with the Tax Collector (January 31 following the year in which the taxes were assessed).
  • File tangible personal property returns through April 1 with the Property Appraiser.
  • Verify eligibility for Homestead Exemption on real property with the Property Appraiser (355-2866).
  • Monthly Tourist Development tax returns are due by the 20th of the month following collection.


  • 1% discount on property taxes.


  • Full amount due on property taxes. Reminder notices mailed.
  • Fourth and final property tax installment payment due.


  • April 1 - date of delinquency for unpaid real estate taxes at which time 3% interest and advertising charges are added to the gross amount. 1.5% per month interest on tangible personal property taxes begins. Within 45 days from April 1, the list of delinquent personal property taxpayers is advertised. Advertising, interest, and collection costs are added to the delinquent tax notice.
  • April 30 - Applications for property tax Installment Payment Plan due for next plan year.


  • May 1 - tax warrant processing begins on delinquent tangible personal property taxes.
  • List of delinquent real estate taxes advertised for three consecutive weeks prior to tax certificate sale.


  • Tax certificate sale for delinquent real estate taxes begins on or before June 1.
  • First installment payment due for current year property taxes. (If this payment is not remitted by June 30, participation in the Installment Payment Plan is cancelled.)
  • Renew company-owned motor vehicles 5,000 Ibs. and under.
  • Renew parking permits held by businesses and organizations.


  • Pay Local Business Tax July 1 through September 30.
  • Crawfish permit required for 2-day mini-lobster season.


  • The Property Appraiser sends property owners a TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notice that explains any proposed changes in the millage rate of each taxing authority and informs the property owner of their assessed value. (This is not a bill, do not pay)


  • Second installment payment due for current year property taxes.
  • Property owners who wish to contest their assessed value or the denial or removal of an exemption can do so by filing a petition with the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) before or no later than September 15th.


  • Unpaid Local Business Tax becomes delinquent; penalties apply.


  • Annual property taxes due for the calendar year. A 4% discount is allowed for the first 30 days after notices are mailed.


  • 3% discount on property taxes for the current year.
  • Third (3) installment payment for property tax due.
  • Register trucks over 5,000 pounds, truck-trailers, semi-trailers and automobiles for hire which carry nine or more passengers.
  • Renew registrations of mobile homes located in rental parks.

Birth Month

  • Renew registrations of privately owned passenger cars, motorized vessels, recreational vehicles, light trucks under 5,000 lbs., small trailers, motorcycles and long-term leased automobiles.
  • Renew parking permits held by individuals.
  • These registrations expire midnight of the owner or registrant's birthday.
  • Renewals accepted 3 months prior to birth month.

Any Month

  • Buy or renew 12-month fishing and/or hunting license.
  • Register motor vehicles and powered vessels.
  • Secure a Business Tax Receipt.
  • New Tourist Development Tax Accounts are opened (please call 561-355-2726 for information).
  • Purchase a SunPass Transponder or SunPass Mini.


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