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About Driver License and ID Cards

As an agent for the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, our office issues REAL ID driver licenses and state identification (ID) cards Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Your driver license or state ID card is valid for six or eight years depending on your age. People aged 79 and under, driver licenses/state ID cards are valid for eight years. People aged 80 and older, driver licenses/state ID cards are valid for six years.

Those who are currently REAL ID compliant may renew their driver license/ID online one time. Those who are not REAL ID compliant must visit our office to become REAL ID compliant.

Vision screening is required of all clients obtaining or renewing a driver license.

Helpful Tip

Don’t wait! You can renew your driver license up to 18 months before the expiration date.

Do I Need to Come In?

Pay Online
Did you know you can renew, replace or update your driver license online if:

  • You have not previously used the one-time online convenience renewal
  • Your driver license or ID card is REAL ID compliant
  • You do not have a stop, hold or other violation on your driver license

Pay in Person
You must visit our service center if:

  • Your driver license or ID card is not REAL ID compliant
  • You have a stop, hold or violation on your driver license
  • You are getting your first Florida driver license.  For information about getting your first Florida driver license, including required documentation, visit Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV).
  • You already used your one-time online renewal
  • You changed your name
  • You let your driver license expire. Drivers who have allowed their driver license to expire for one year or more are required to complete the written and vision exams prior to obtaining their driver license.
  • You want to update your photo
  • You hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL)
  • You want to add or remove a designation
  • Your driver license has the word “Temporary” on it

Prepare for Your Visit
If you must come in, follow these tips to make your visit quick and efficient!

  • Make an appointment
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. You can renew your license 18 months before it expires.
  • Perform a free driver license check-up to see if you have any stops, holds or violations. Clearances can be processed at our office if you bring the required documentation.

Order a Replacement or Update your Address

If you are REAL ID compliant, replacing or updating your license or ID card can be completed online. If you are not REAL ID compliant, you must visit a service center with the required documents.

Stolen Driver License/ID Card

The fee will be waived for a stolen driver license or state ID card if a police report has been filed. Please bring a copy of the report, case number printed on a business card or official document from the law enforcement agency.

Driver License Fees

Driver license classificationFee Amount
Class E original or renewal (not expired)$54.25
CDL – plus $7.00 per endorsement$81.25
State identification card$31.25
Replace lost driver license/ID card$31.25
Replace stolen driver license/ID card (With required documentation)No fee
Replace stolen driver license/ID card (Additional changes required to card)$31.25
D-6 Child support suspension reinstatement$66.25
Expired driver license/ID card (in addition to renewal fee)$15.00
ID Card for Homeless IndividualNo fee


New Procedure for Remote Driving Tests

The state has implemented a new remote driving test procedure for all tax collectors. The new procedure enables an examiner to maintain proper social distancing while administering the test.

The examiner will administer the test from outside the vehicle using a hands-free device while communicating instructions to the driver. Clients taking the remote driving test must have an accompanying license driver 21 years or older in the seat closest to the driver unless the client holds a valid license from another country. The accompanying driver may not assist the client during the driving test and may not be a driving school instructor. Driving tests are by appointment only. No walk-ins will be permitted.

ID Cards for Homeless Individuals

Fees for ID cards are waived for homeless individuals. Homeless clients still need to provide required forms of identification, Social Security number and a Certification of Address form. A letter from a shelter, public assistance agency, local school district homeless education liaison, foster parent or Department of Children and Families must be presented with the Certification of Address form.

Our office is proud to work with Living Hungry and other community partners to help homeless young people aged 24 and under to obtain a no-fee state identification card.