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County-Held Tax Certificates

A tax certificate is a first lien created when a registered buyer pays the outstanding delinquent taxes on a real estate property during the annual tax certificate sale. If a certificate is not purchased by a registered buyer, the certificate is struck to the county. These certificates are referred to as County-Held Certificates and are eligible to be purchased without bidding by a registered buyer as long as they are available.

Pre-Requisites for Purchasing County-Held Certificates
Must be a registered buyer or register with RealAuction to obtain a buyer number by visiting

Registered buyers receive electronic notifications from Real Auction prior to any online sale for County-Held Certificates, as well as the Annual Tax Certificate Sale.

Researching Available Certificates
An updated list of available certificates with the current amount required for purchase is available here:  Current County-Held Certificates.

Researching certificates prior to purchase is the responsibility of the buyer. Examples of resources available to buyers are listed below:

Purchasing Certificates
Prior to your purchase, confirm the status of the desired County-Held certificate(s) by emailing your list of certificates to

County-Held certificates accrue annual interest of 18% or 1.5% per month.

The property owner may redeem certificates at any time prior to a purchase. If a Tax Deed Application (TDA) is made on the parcel, all existing certificates and delinquent taxes will be included in the TDA. Once a TDA is made, the County-Held certificate(s) is/are no longer eligible for purchase.

County-held certificates may be purchased by:

  • Over-the-counter by visiting the 3rd floor of our Administrative Office in West Palm Beach with certified funds or cash.
  • Mailing certified funds with list of certificates.
  • Wiring funds (contact for instructions) and providing a list of certificates to
  • Participating in a Supplemental Sale when notified by RealAuction.

For additional information, contact

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