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Teen Drivers

Get the facts.
•   Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of teen deaths, killing
    7 teens in the U.S. each day.
•   Teen drivers are three times more likely than driver
    age 20+ to be in a fatal crash.
•   In 2011, nearly one million high school students admitted to
    drinking and driving.
•   56% of teens admit to talking on the phone while driving.
•   Talking on a cell phone while driving can double the 
    likelihood of an accident.
•   1 in 5, 16 yr. olds are involved in an accident during their
    first year of driving.


Staying Safe.
•   Buckle-up! This simple step can save your life.
•   While parked, adjust your side view and  rear view mirrors so you have a good view of your surroundings.
•   Adjust your headrest so it's behind your head and not your neck, to protect you from whip-lash in the event of an accident.
•   As a new driver, passengers can be very distracting. If you're still learning to drive, ride alone until you feel confident.
•   Never drink and drive. Call someone you trust to pick you up if you're not able to drive.
•   Keep your headlights turned on. Other drivers will be able to spot you.
•   Don't eat, text or talk on your phone while driving. These mistakes could cost you your life.
•   When it rains, slow down, use your wipers and be sure your headlights are on.
•   When you stop at a red light, leave enough space between you and the car in front of you so that you can see where their back tires touch the pavement. This will give you enough room to maneuver around them if you need to.
•   Be kind and courteous to other drivers. We all want to get where we need to be safely.
•   A yellow light means "prepare to stop." When the light changes to yellow, slow down! You'll avoid a T-bone accident and a red-light ticket.
•   You won't get there faster by speeding. In fact, speeding can cause  you to miss your exit, your turn and even a ticket.

Don’t Text & Drive.

On October 1, 2013, texting while driving became a ticketed offense in Florida. The law allows law enforcement to issue tickets for texting while driving, as a secondary offense. A driver's mobile phone records can be used in a court case when phone use is the cause of an accident resulting in personal injury or death.

•   The law includes typing and reading a text while driving, and includes tablets.
•   You are 23 times more likely to crash when texting while driving!
•   Texting takes your eyes off the road, and hands off the wheel.
•   Five seconds of texting = driving the length of a football field at 55 mph, BLIND.
•   43 percent of fatal accidents in Florida are caused by texting and driving.

What message is worth killing yourself or another innocent person?
If you have something to say, pull over first. Our lives could depend on it.





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