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Rumors vs Facts

Rumor: The availability of these short-term rentals are essential to our local economy.  I pay short term rental tax to the county for every rental that I book as well as the state sales tax. Is this not enough? Rob A. (9/17/2018)

Fact: Yes! There are no new taxes in this update. You will pay the same amount of Bed Tax/Tourist Development Tax (TDT) as you do now.


Rumor: We have had the pleasure of hosting sweet couples and families in our home. All of these families spend money at restaurants and small businesses here in PBC. We feel if there are taxes and added regulation on top of what these people bring to the table for PBC it would be a punishment and demotivation to us out there paying the bills and helping PBC be the great county it is. R.PRO (9/17/2018)                              

Fact: TDT is paid by your guests. It is remitted to the county and all hosts have been required for the last 26 years to establish a TDT account, file and pay the tax. TDT helps keep the County’s tourism industry strong and vibrant.


Rumor: By approving this ordinance, rare and broad powers of enforcement will be granted to the Tax Collector. James C. (9/18/2018)

Fact: The updated ordinance does not grant or expand any additional, rare or broad powers to the Constitutional Tax Collector.  The office’s TDT collection authority has remained the same over the last quarter of a century.


Rumor: There is very little benefit of having such additional tax. It means more red tape and additional work for understaff county employees. It adds another layer of cost that must be passed to consumers making Palm Beach County a less attractive destination for visitors. Ruben J. (9/18/2018)

Fact: The Tourist Development Tax has been in existence and collected by the Tax Collector for over 26 years. It is not a new tax. Palm Beach County derives many benefits from this tax.  It strengthens our local economy by supporting Palm Beach County's $7.0 plus billion tourism industry and over 60,000 tourism jobs. The tax also supports tourism promotion and funds beach restoration, art and cultural events and professional sports facilities. The Tax Collector’s new online portal for managing, filling and remitting TDT is a welcome addition to our collection tools and take full advantage of new web-based processing applications.


Rumor: As an Airbnb host, I feel it (sic, proposed ordinance} will have a negative impact on tourism to our county. Jeffery M. (9/17/2018)

Fact: The Palm Beach County experience of the past 26 years does not show that to be true.  What is true, is that this updated ordinance will help reduce the time you spend on managing, filling and remitting your TDT obligations.  Hosts like you that use online booking platforms, will be able to authorize those platforms to pay taxes directly so our local hosts don’t have to! We think that’s a much-needed change from the current ordinance and hope you do too.


Rumor: The proposed legislation sets a registration process by which every host will need to register a Tourist Development Tax Account and get a Business Tax Receipt from the tax collector. According to Airbnb, this would not be good for us. Kevin M. (9/17/2018)

Fact: While Airbnb is entitled to an opinion, the fact is that anyone in the host community that offers short-term rentals has been required to create a TDT Account and pay that tax for over a quarter of a century. In addition, anyone who engages in a business or service, even a one-person operation or a home based business, must register and pay Local Business Tax. This was formerly named “Local Occupational Licenses.” This is a tax for the privilege of operating a business and has been required since 1972.


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