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Preparing to Drive

Teens Preparing to DriveBefore you get behind the wheel, take some time to prepare for success.

  • Learn more about Florida's Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) process, which has special rules for teens. This process is designed to help you build your skills gradually and could take a year or more to complete.
  • Learn about financial and legal responsibilities associated with driving.
  • Talk to a parent, guardian or other trusted adult. They will have valuable experience to share with you!



You may not realize it, but being a smart passenger can help you prepare to be a smart driver.

  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Observe drivers, road conditions and traffic control devices like stoplights and signs.
  • Ask the person driving you to explain their decisions behind the wheel.
  • Avoid driving with teen drivers until they become safer, more experienced drivers.
  • Be a helpful passenger by making sure you never distract your driver.
  • If you're a passenger of an unsafe driver - one who is texting, using a cellphone, speeding or driving recklessly - speak up! Tell your driver to drive safely or ask to be dropped off in a safe place.



It's important to maintain good grades to keep your auto insurance costs down. Most insurance companies offer lower rates for teen drivers who have a "B" or higher grade average. Your good grades today will help you save money later!



There are many helpful resources available to prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving. Here are a few that we recommend:


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