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Do you or anyone you know offer short term rental accommodations for six months or less?  If so, then you collect Tourist Development Tax (TDT) from the renter. The Tax has been an important source for supporting tourism and local industry jobs for over a quarter of a century in Palm Beach County.    

There have been many changes in Palm Beach County and the country over the last 26 years. Most notably, the digital revolution has brought huge changes in tourism bookings. The growth of the home-share industry is a huge change and we support it whole-heartedly. These and other developments impact the Constitutional Tax Collector’s collection operations.

Most recently, we implemented on online portal for the payment and management of all types of TDT accounts. It was time to change.

Next, we asked the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners to make some needed improvements in the 1992 TDT Collection Ordinance. It is time to make this 26-year-old ordinance reflect how vacation stays and bookings have changed.

Here are a few of the changes:

  • Online booking platforms will collect and remit taxes directly … so our local hosts don’t have to!
  • Consolidates all short-term rental requirements into one ordinance instead of having them in different ordinances – it is currently too cumbersome to search for all the different ordinances that apply.
  • Provides for delisting of non-compliant short-term rentals on platforms.
  • Makes it easier to participate in the home-share industry.

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