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High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Registration


To qualify for a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) registration and decal, the motor vehicle must be titled as an Inherently Low-Emission Vehicle (ILEV).  ILEV vehicles are certified and labeled in accordance with federal regulations.  ILEV and hybrid vehicles may be driven in HOV lanes at any time, regardless of their occupancy.  A hybrid vehicle:

  1. Draws propulsion energy from onboard sources of stored energy which are both:

    1. An internal combustion or heat engine using combustible fuel

    2. A rechargeable energy storage system


  1. Passenger automobile or light truck:

    1. Has a certificate of conformity under the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. s.s. 7401 et seq.

    2. Meets or exceeds the equivalent qualifying California standards for a low-emission vehicle

To Apply

Submit the following for an original HOV registration and decal:

  1. Form HSMV 83027, Application For HOV Decal.  
  2. A copy of the current vehicle registration.

HOV Decal Renewals

HOV decals may be renewed for one or two years.  Renewals are processed by mail or in person only.  The registration period will remain the same as the vehicle’s existing license plate number.  The HOV decal is placed on the lower right hand side of the rear window. 

HOV registrations and decals are not transferable.  When the vehicle is sold, the HOV decal MUST be removed. 





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