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Driver Education

When you’re behind the wheel of a car, you are responsible for your actions. Many new teen drivers have crashes, and the consequences — both legal and personal — can be serious. You could kill someone, be killed or seriously injure yourself, loved ones or others. Doesn’t it make sense to be taught how to drive by a professional?

What Driver Education Teaches You

  • How to identify and manage risk.
  • The rules of the road, signs, signals and markings.
  • Basic operation of a vehicle.
  • Risk prevention techniques, how to handle emergencies and how to prevent distractions.
  • Financial and legal responsibilities associated with driving.

Find a Driver Education Program That’s Right for You

  • Help your parents research and identify schools in your area.
  • Get recommendations from friends who have taken driver training, along with their parents.
  • Talk to people about classroom vs. online classes.
  • Check to see if driving schools use current training materials, have professional instructors and maintain clean classrooms and safe vehicles.
  • Don’t settle for driving schools that advertise quick or easy programs — focus on quality.

All first time drivers in Florida must take a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse course and a written exam to receive a learner’s driving permit.

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