Serving You In-Person by Appointment Only

Effective June 1, 2020, we will offer in-person service by appointment only at all Constitutional Tax Collector Offices. This important safety measure helps protect our employees and the public by eliminating overcrowding and reducing the spread of illness.

Appointments are reserved for Palm Beach County residents only. If you are establishing residency in Palm Beach County, you are considered a resident.

Understanding Types of Service

Not sure which type of service to select when making your appointment? Review these descriptions and if you still have questions, email for further assistance.
Please note, only one appointment is needed for up to two transactions. Additional transactions require another appointment. If you require driver license service, you must select that type of service for your appointment.


Driver License Services:

Driver License / Learners License / ID Card – Select this type of service if you need to renew, replace, reinstate (clear suspensions), or obtain a new driver license or ID card. Select this type of service if you have already taken your written test and need to obtain a learners permit. Do not select this type of service if you need a road or written test.

Driver License Road Test – Select this type of service if you need to take the driving skills test. There is a new procedure for remote driving tests.

Driver License Written Test – Select this type of service if you need to take the Class E Knowledge Exam or CDL Exams.

Motor Vehicle Services:

DMV Florida Title Transfer – Select this type of service if you have recently purchased a vehicle/vessel or need a replacement title. We also offer expedited title service for an additional $10.00 fee.

DMV Out of State Title Transfer – Select this type of service if you need to transfer your vehicle to Florida from another state. Florida insurance required.

Registration Renewal / Parking Placard – Select this type of service if you need to renew your registration or “tag” or to obtain a disabled person parking permit. Do not select this type of service to you are transferring a Florida or Out of State title.

Runner / Dealer Work – Select this type of service if you are a dealer or conducting business on behalf of a dealer.


Other Services:

Business Tax Receipt – Select this type of service if you need to apply for a new local business tax or renew your local business tax.

Hunting & Fishing / Birth Certificate – Select this type of service if you need to purchase a hunting & fishing license or a Florida birth certificate. Please note, birth certificate payments are cash only.

Property Tax – Select this type of service if you need to pay real estate property tax or tangible personal property tax.

Important Requirements for In-Person Service

Wait in Your Car. Clients with appointments should wait in their cars as our lobby waiting areas are closed. Clients may get in line 10 minutes before their appointment and must keep 6 feet of distance from other clients. We also recommend clients bring an umbrella and water.

Come to Your Appointment Alone. Clients should arrive for their appointment alone, as guests will not be permitted. The only exceptions will be caretakers of elderly clients, translators for clients who speak languages other than English, Spanish or Creole, and interpreters for hearing-impaired clients.

Wear a Face Mask and Practice Social Distancing. Anyone entering our offices shall wear a face mask or cloth face covering. Please observe all social distancing measures including markings on sidewalks and inside our offices. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between clients and employees.

Avoid Paying by Cash. Studies show cash, specifically paper bills, can contain bacteria and viruses for long periods of time. Clients are asked not to use cash to make a payment. Please pay by check, credit/debit card or contactless payment method such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Please note a 2.4% convenience applies to all credit and debit card transactions. This fee is collected by the card vendor and not retained by our agency.

Additional Safety Measures We have installed protective barriers at all front counter service stations. As an extra precaution, clients should wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before and after visiting our office.

Information for Out-of-County Residents If you reside in another county, please visit your local tax collector for service. Out-of-county residents who make an appointment will not receive service at our office. If you are an out-of-county resident please click here to make an appointment in your county.

How to Make an Appointment – Instructional Video