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What Our Clients Say

Feedback is important to us.


Client Jerry W. about our South County Service Center

Renewed the registrations for 26 corporate vehicles. Brian made the task as quick, smooth, and stress free as possible. Alice assisted in the initial process, Andrea assisted in checking out, and Brian coordinated the whole thing. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

Client David Z. about our West Palm Beach Service Center

Tracy and Shevon were absolutely amazing. They were both incredibly helpful. I am very pleased.

Client Lillian B. about our Payment Processing Department

Change are all obviously initially so wonderfully trained...and then, apparently, you all take your clients so seriously, that your service continues to be way above expectations. Look...I do not deal in hyperbole,,,and I set my expectations usually when I say you are outstanding in your delivery can be very sure that you indeed outstanding in your delivery system.

Client Cristina S. about our South County Service Center

My husband and I just moved here from Virginia. The staff was both professional and friendly. We received our driver's license and registration. Billy was patient and explained the whole process to us.

Client Mario S. about our Payment Processing Department

You know how you always hear of people not wanting to go to the Tax Collector's Office or even call because its like impossible to get a hold of them by phone and then when you do get through, you kind of get the run around or hold on etc, etc, etc...well Christine M. was an absolute doll and really helped me out. While she was looking something up for me, I wasn't on hold forever and she made made me feel good. She said, "how are you today sir," and made me feel real good. Just a pleasant, well spoken doll who knows her job and made me feel real good. She's a keeper. Go Christine. Your a doll and you were very superb. Thanks Christine. Its really nice to know people care about their job.


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