Property Tax Payment

If your Palm Beach County property taxes are escrowed and paid by your mortgage company, our office expects to receive those payments by November 30, 2022, and will post them to your account as soon as possible.  Please allow our office 3-5 business days to process those payments before you contact our office to verify payment.  Should you have questions about those payments, please contact your mortgage lender directly for payment status.

We greatly appreciate your patience as our staff works diligently to post payments as quickly as possible.

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How We Are Funded

The Tax Collector’s Office is not funded by taxes. Our operating budget is funded solely by the fees and commissions we earn on every service transaction we provide. These fees and commissions are outlined in the Florida Statutes, and established by the Florida Legislature.

The Florida Department of Revenue reviews and approves our budget every fiscal year, including any requested budget amendments. Our fiscal year is Oct. 1 to Sep. 30.

Due to our cost effective operation, we often collect fees in excess of our operating budget. We do not keep this excess. We distribute any excess revenue to local taxing authorities in proportion to the amount of tax levied. To learn more about our operating budget, please read our Annual Report to Our Citizens.