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Tax Talk




March 2019, Volume 13, Issue 3

Dear Friends,

Spring has arrived which means the 2018 property tax season is drawing to a close. Don’t forget… the deadline to pay property taxes is Monday, April 1 because March 31 falls on a Sunday this year.

Are you planning a road trip during Spring Break? This month I share important information about reducing hit and run crashes. And don’t miss “Ask Anne.” This month I answer your questions about our budget-friendly Installment Payment Plan.

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Anne M. Gannon


Ask Anne: How Can the Installment Payment Plan Help Me?

Question: Hi, Anne! I am a senior citizen living on a fixed monthly income. Paying my property taxes in one lump sum puts a strain on my budget. How can the Installment Payment Plan help me? – Mary F., Lake Worth

Anne: Hello, Mary. Our budget-friendly Installment Payment Plan (IPP) makes paying property tax easier and more convenient for many clients, especially seniors or anyone on a fixed income.

  • Plan your payments. When you enroll in IPP, the amount due is split into four smaller payments due each quarter. Payments must be received by the last day of June, September, December and March. For the fastest payment processing time, I recommend paying online.
  • Save money. Participants receive an early payment discount of just under four percent. There’s no fee to apply. Enrollment and participation are free!
  • Once enrolled, you never have to re-apply. There is no extra paperwork to fill out. Just make your first payment by the June deadline and you will remain on the plan.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2019 property tax year. The deadline to submit your application is April 30, 2019. Your application applies to future tax years, not the current tax year or delinquent taxes.


Serving You in North Palm Beach County

We are pleased to serve clients in north Palm Beach County from our North County Service Center located at 3188 PGA Boulevard in the North County Courthouse complex. This location is home to 34 dedicated employees who together offer more than 400 years of service experience.

“We have folks who have been here two weeks to 39 years,” said Stella, North County Service Center Manager. “I think that speaks to the loyalty and dedication we have to this organization and our clients.”

In May 2018, we closed the aging, cramped former DMV office at 3185 PGA Boulevard to make room for a new state-of-the-art service center. The new service center will be the second facility built by Tax Collector Gannon to meet population demand spurred by Palm Beach County growth.


Remember to Stay at the Scene

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), nearly 25 percent of all vehicle crashes involve a hit and run. Most hit and run crashes result in property damage only, but hit and run crashes can be deadly. In 2018, Palm Beach County reported 7,337 hit and run crashes. These crashes resulted in eight deaths and another 83 people were seriously injured.

If you are planning a Spring Break road trip or just running a quick errand, please remember your responsibility as a driver.

  • Stay at the scene of the crash
  • Call for help and provide information
  • Render reasonable assistance to anyone involved in the crash

The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act signed into law in 2014, imposes a mandatory minimum of four years imprisonment for a driver convicted of leaving the scene resulting in a fatality.

If you are involved in a crash, stay at the scene and call for help. It’s not just the law, you could save a life! If you have information on a hit-and-run crash, you can report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers.


Tax Collector Gannon Hosts Future Leaders 

On Feb. 20, Anne Gannon and her staff proudly welcomed participants from local leadership programs for a behind the scenes look at Tax Collector’s Office. Our South County Service Center hosted future leaders from Leadership Delray. This program exists through the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce to ensure the continuity of community leaders who can mobilize others to action, who know the value of relationships and make the commitment to lead. The visit was part of “City and County Infrastructure Day,” giving participants the opportunity to connect with government leaders and learn more about local government from the inside out.

The Belle Glade Service Center hosted participants from Leadership Glades, a program of the Belle Glade Chamber of Commerce. The program prepares potential leaders to meet challenges facing the Glades and their visit to our office was among the highlights of “Government and Judicial System Day.”

We wish you continued success on your leadership journey!


Helping You Plan Ahead

Mar. 1     Tourist Development Tax due
Mar. 10   Daylight Saving Time begins
Apr. 1     2018 property taxes are due
Apr. 1     Fourth payment for 2018 Installment Payment Plan is due
Apr. 2     2018 Property taxes become delinquent

Do you have a birthday this month? Privately owned vehicle registrations expire at midnight on the first owner’s birthday. Renew your registration for motor vehicles, mobile homes, motorcycles or vessels online. If you have trouble renewing online make sure your insurance information is up to date and there are no stops, holds or violations on your driver license.


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