Due to construction of our new parking lot at our Greenacres office, we must temporarily block seven parking spaces in our existing lot on Monday, March 5 through the project completion.

We apologize for the inconvenience during this phase of the construction project. Please consider visiting one of our other locations.

Our new parking lot will create approximately 70 more spaces to better serve you. We appreciate your patience!

March 2018

Dear Friends,

March brings its own special version of madness to our service centers. You can expect longer-than-normal wait times as clients rush to pay property taxes before the March 31 deadline. Please consider these tips to make your next transaction with us as easy and efficient as possible.

Tip #1: Pay online.
You can avoid the long wait time by completing your transaction online at www.pbctax.com. Processing times are quick – usually 1 to 3 business days. We offer several payment methods but don’t forget – eCheck is always free!

Tip #2: Don’t wait until the last minute.
Paying taxes can be stressful and waiting until the last minute doesn’t help. November through March is our peak season. We always see longer lines during Spring Break, holidays and at the end of the month. Lines form as early as 7 a.m. Check in with the receptionist when you arrive and inform our staff if special assistance is required.

Tip #3: Check wait times.
You can check the wait times for each of our service centers on www.pbctax.com or texting 4-1-4-1-1 to WAITPBC. You will see real time data for the number of clients in line and anticipated wait times.

Tip #4: Bring the right stuff!
Homeland Security requires specific documents for a REAL ID-compliant driver license or state ID. Download our REAL ID checklist at www.pbctax.com/real-id.

Tip #5: Perform a driver license check-up first.
Many clients come in to renew their driver license only to find there is a stop, hold or violation which prevents us from completing the transaction. Don’t let this happen to you! Many times clearances can be processed at our service center with the required paperwork. Perform a driver license check-up at https://services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck before you come in.

Tip #6: Make a driver license appointment.
If you are required to visit one of our service centers for a new driver license or renewal, please schedule an appointment on our website. But don’t wait! Appointments are currently booked two months in advance.

Tip #7: Renew your driver license in advance.
The law requires renewal of your driver license by midnight of your birthday. You can renew up to 18 months before the expiration date. DHSMV may mail you a reminder 40-60 days in advance. Make an appointment and renew in advance!

Tip #8: Use our secure drop box.
You don’t have to wait in line. Every service center is equipped with a secure drop box inside the facility. Just make sure your payment is correct and contains any required documentation like a payment slip to ensure the payment is posted efficiently.

Tip #9: Renew for two!
Renew your vehicle registration for two years instead of one.

Best regards,

Anne Gannon

Anne M. Gannon
Constitutional Tax Collector


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