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May Message From Anne

Dear Friends:

When I think of change, I like to think of it in terms of progress. It’s true that change can sometimes be scary – like changing lanes at 65 mph on I-95 with five lanes of traffic zipping around you! But change can be a good thing and I like to think of those changes as progress. Progress is what we strive for and what fuels our ability to create and deliver new products, services, and conveniences to you. From the construction of our newest service center to the placement of self-serve kiosks in several Publix locations, I am very proud of the progress our office is making to deliver better service and diversified conveniences to
our clients.

Our mission continues to be our commitment to provide unparalleled service that inspires trust.

Warm regards,

Anne Gannon Signature


Anne M. Gannon
Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach County

Pay Smart. Pay Online


Statement from the Florida Tax Collectors Association

West Palm Beach, Fla. – As constitutionally elected officers, Florida’s tax collectors work to serve every Florida community by managing state resources and protecting citizens’ needs at the local level. Our members consider their public office to be a public trust,...

Our Services

Driver License and ID Cards

As an agent for the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, our office issues REAL ID driver licenses and state identification (ID) cards.

Motor Vehicles

As an agent for the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Constitutional Tax Collector’s Office processes motor vehicle transactions such as titles and registrations. Our office is your one-stop shop for motor vehicle services.


Palm Beach County waterways offer great opportunities for boating, sailing and paddling. Our office registers all commercial and private vessels with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Additional Services

We offer additional services for your convenience, such as, Digital Fingerprinting, TSAPre√, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Florida Birth Certificates, SunPass and New Business Listing Subscription Service.

Real Estate Property Tax

From our schools and libraries to public safety, healthcare programs and the environment, property taxes support our way of life. Our office collects and distributes over $4 billion in property taxes annually on behalf of Palm Beach County.

Tangible Personal Property Tax

Tangible personal property tax is applied to businesses that have furniture, fixtures and/or equipment.

Tourist Development Tax

Tourist Development Tax strengthens our local economy by supporting Palm Beach County’s tourism industry.

Local Business Tax

Any person selling merchandise or services in Palm Beach County must have a local business tax receipt. This requirement includes one-person and home-based businesses.