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Refunds for Tourist Development Taxes

Refunds may be applied for by any individual or business in the following situations:

  • made a payment not owed
  • payment made in error
  • overpayment

Florida Statutes require that an application for refund must be supported by all appropriate documentation. You may be required to provide additional documentation as each refund request is unique.

A refund claim will be processed within 90 days provided the application and necessary documentation is complete.

Please note: a three-year statute of limitation on refunds exists, measured from the date the tax was paid.

You must complete an Application for Tourist Development Tax Refund. Send the completed application with supporting documentation to:

Constitutional Tax Collector, Palm Beach County
Attn: Tourist Tax/Refund
P.O. Box 3715
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3715
(561) 355-3547


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